Cultured Stone

JC Plastering Company’s installation of cultured stone will transform any surface. From the exterior of a house or business to the interior of a room or fireplace, cultured stone will change the value and look of any project.  JC Plastering Company offers skill and craftsmanship for Cultured Stone applications.

What is Cultured Stone?

CULTURED STONE is a veneer product made to look like genuine stone. Blended cement mixture, poured into rubber molds for all shapes, sizes and colors. Each stone is fully cured in molds before removed and ready to be applied to any surface..

Application begins with a metal lath applied over felt paper. Then, scratch lath with masonry cement type “S”. Cultured Stone is then applied over scratch with masonry adhesive. If cultured stone requires grout then grout will be applied in joints, note not all cultured stone applications require grout joints. Proper flashing is always to be installed at bottom of roof rakes, windows, etc. for insuring no leaks or future damage cause by weather.

If curious to how the use of Cultured Stone would look on a project, let our professional team offer proper suggestions for applications for every type of  new construction or remodel project.