Sealant and flashing play a significant part in the performance of the building envelope. Maintaining a weather tight seal around all penetrations and at the interfaces of dissimilar materials helps ensure optimal protection for a building.

All building materials, including sealant, have a useful lifespan and will invariably wear with age. Sealant is designed to move and flex with the building’s exterior, and as such it endures a great deal of stress. That movement deteriorates the sealant more rapidly than other rigid cladding components. Common evidence of failing sealant is cracking or loss of adhesion with contact surfaces. The sealant joints on a building that have failed sealant should be removed and replaced. Leaks in the sealant joint also compromise the energy efficiency of the building envelope and can lead to interior damage as well.

JC Plastering Company provides sealant replacement and repairs which are performed by our professional team who are trained in the application of commercial-grade, high-performance sealant.