Inspection and Cleaning

A small investment in routine maintenance can pay long-term dividends in performance. Inspect the building’s exterior annually and clean it thoroughly as needed. This will identify problems when they are small and will keep the building looking its best.

It is important to conduct a visual inspection of the building exterior and clean it as needed. This is particularly important if the building is close to a highway or in a damp climate, where there may be high levels of dirt, mildew, algae or other pollutants. These conditions will affect the frequency of cleaning. Cleaning EIFS should be done by a skilled professional. The best way to clean EIFS is to use high water volume coupled with low water pressure and non-abrasive cleaners. At Standard Seal we do not use caustic chemicals or abrasive cleaning techniques, which will permanently damage the finish.

During the inspection,we look for the following:• Direct damage to the EIFS (e.g. cracks/holes)• Worn, damaged, or cracked sealant around openings or expansion joints• Damaged or deteriorated flashing• Damage to other exterior wall components(e.g. windows or cast stone)If these conditions, or any other damage to the building envelope are found, we recommend then to make necessary repairs and minimize potential further damage.